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rolling on the floor laughing out loud my fucking ass off.
assimpleas123456: we're as tight as an extra small shirt on an obese person
ariesxflame: rotflolmfao
by stephanie villeda October 09, 2006
to have the qualities of being questionable
my teacher was interrogating my ass and being OD questionative
by stephanie villeda October 09, 2006
to have been accompanied. or being accompanied by.
been talkin to a friend on your way to tacobell, and you say " ok im here. thank you for your accompanyment"
by stephanie villeda October 09, 2006
referring to the ultimate cool.
That girl is totally Wildrys
by stephanie villeda October 09, 2006
a man with all the necessary characteristics and qualities to be complete. consisting of:
the smooth talking and 'make you feel good' skills of the player
the sexual pleasing abilities and protection of the parolee
to satisfy financially and be profitable like the professional
and to be sweet and caring and giving like the pushover

whereabouts are unknown as they are the hardest men to find.
Katherine: I want an urban renaissance man
Stephanie: Yea, so he can love me right .. in EVERY way ;]
by stephanie villeda June 26, 2007
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