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7 definitions by steph (nambar wan!)

ned's answer 2 every question they r ever asked, usually answered 2 look cool when they dont no the answer.
"hi gary, wots 2 plus 2"
"your ma"
by steph (nambar wan!) May 24, 2003
if theri girls then they r 2 faced, backstabbin bitches who can change from ur best friend 2 ur worst enemies in about the space of 2 mins. If they're guys then their not bad but can b a bit gross and immature sumtimes.
"hi nicola, how long have we bin best friends 4? 7 years has it bin"
"yeh i guess so, ahh well u bitch i dont like u ne more coz our personalities clash"
by steph (nambar wan!) May 24, 2003
The worst subject eva. hard labour. abuse 2 children. especially when the class have 2 do a 12 minute run :-P :o(
aaaarrrgggghh!!!!! exciersice!!!! nnnnooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
by steph (nambar wan!) May 23, 2003
sum1 that u despise and is the oposer of wot u believe in, often an ex friend
neds, nicola boyle and mr mcniel
by steph (nambar wan!) May 24, 2003
a perfect word that can replace ne type of word that u have forgotten, or just cba sayin.
gonee yin the yin out of that yinny yin plz. oh that woz really yin, u yinny yinner, yin can yin that you yinned that off!
by steph (nambar wan!) May 24, 2003
term south american prospecors use when insulting sum1 or gettin a strong point across
"thate corn o'r there is needin harvested dagnabbit!"
by steph (nambar wan!) May 23, 2003