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A term with no real meaning, just used to annoy that of your friends/enemies. Usually turns a non-sex realted topic into one of that kind.
Asshat#1: "What's the deal with your cell phone?"

Asshat#2: "Yeah, it's really small."

Asshat#3: "That's what she said!"

Asshat#1: "Zing!"
by stendaar February 25, 2004
Slang. A shortened name for Vanilla Coke, by far the best soda man has yet to create.
"Can i borrow a buck? I need to get my nilly cokey groove on."
by stendaar February 25, 2004
A combination of both the word "funky" and "retarded." Used to describe something strange and out-of-place, but also of a generally disliked nature.
"That is one funkatarded man."
by stendaar February 25, 2004

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