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Granite City is a steel mill town about 6 miles east of St.Louis, Missouri. It's polluted for sure, just try driving past the steel mill on Edwardsville Road at night, and see and smell it. It also has a housing project that is being rebuilt, who knows why it's being rebuilt, it's been a headache to the town and the police department for years. Most people are blue-collar workers, average people, but rather tough, "suburban rednecks" you could say. Many people work at US steel/formerly Granite City steel, or drive to St.Louis to work. The west side and downtown has it's problems with drugs, and crime.
John:"You know Mike from Granite City?" Paul: "Yeah, he's a good guy, steel mill worker, kind of a blue-collar man"
by steelmillcowboy November 06, 2007

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