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Everything bad in life.

Often one gets the shaft, meaning that they were utterly screwed over in life.
Jerry always gets the shaft.
by steelman August 18, 2003
The proper way to wish someone good intentions on the day of the Resurrection and painted eggs (or, if you're a pagan, the spring ritual of fertilization)
Cheery Easter and a fancy spring dress!

(kinda like)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Happy Christmas from Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!
by steelman August 16, 2003
Musicians that can't sing and in some cases can't write their own music (*cough* Crazytown) so they TALK over a few randomly assigned power chords distorted beyond recognition.
I can't believe rock stations play this crap. And what's the deal with Eminem? Evidentally "white rapper" = rock music.
by steelman August 16, 2003
Fear of having a mullet attached to the back of your scalp.
The terrible things mulletphobia can do to the back of your head...
by steelman November 17, 2003
To jack one's parking spot as they are pulling away.
As soon as this a-hole pulls out, I'm gonna schluck his corn.
by steelman August 14, 2003
alternate pronunciation - FLAKE (must be yelled)

As a noun, it is a person who is completely fake. They constantly need attention and must be liked by everyone, even if it means stabbing someone else in the back to do it (as long as the other person doesn't find out, and if they do, everything can be solved by a *hug*).

As a verb, it means to perform a retroaction, in a manner pertaining to the noun form. For example, ditching one friend to hang out with two friends, because two is more than one (do the math; it's true).

As an adjective, it means completely devoid of personality or character. Also, refering to everything as "the coolest," despite the fact that there can only be one "coolest."
I enjoy a bowl of frosted flakes in the morning.
by steelman August 16, 2003

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