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General purpose insult for someone who has an unpleasant demeanour, or is just bad to be around. Also good to describe someone you don't like too much.
'That guy was such a jerk dick...i hope his gayfire explodes on the ride home to his boyfriends' apartment'

'hey jerk dick, nice fucking boots!'
by steel julian April 04, 2005
A really good party; one that is in between a dinger and a rager.
'Ronnie you fag, stop fucking around and get down to DJ's...it's a jamma-lamma-ding-dong'
by steel julian April 04, 2005
Used as a replacement for 'like it's his job'. Something that somebody does often or so well that it may as well be their job.
'Man, Neil throws it in Moss' ass like he gets a t4 for it every spring'
by steel julian April 04, 2005
A ridonculous party or good time.
'As soon a Marty gets out of prison, it's gonna be a shit show!'
by steel julian April 04, 2005
A party of considerable quality. Preceeds rager and jamma-lamma-ding-dong in party-quality hierarchy.
'if Neil wasn't such a queen, he'd stop pounding Moss in the ass and get down to this dinger'
by steel julian April 04, 2005

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