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bragging about the tech-specks of your stereo.
my stereo can drive Empire State Building sized speakers. They said it had 500 watts.

Yeah man, but that's some stereo-ego; do you work for Best Buy or something?
by steed dropout August 16, 2012
an erection caused by co-ed dorms, usually the co-ed bathrooms.
"I had just tamed my wake-up boner, when SHE walked in,

and, BOING!--it was back, a raging dorm-boner.

"What'd you do?"

"I jammed it under the sink, and went on shaving."
by Steed Dropout September 15, 2012
When a girl fucks you for free, because she likes to give it away. Like free legal representation when the attorney approves the cause.
"Dude, I can't believe I boned her. She's never been down before."

"Sounds like she's down for a pro-bonor."
by Steed Dropout August 31, 2012
When a dental dominatrix. does a number on you, using scary procedures as whip and chains.
"Dude, my sexy dentamatrix dentist worked me over pretty good yesterday. I was screaming pull it out, pull it out now! I'm still freaked.

Doesn't that violate the rules of dominance, man? Did you launch?

She said, contemptuously, "Clean yourself off."

I was totally ashamed. My balls have shrunk, man.
by Steed Dropout August 25, 2012
matching tattoos, commemorating undying devotion that will die about the time you tire of the tat-twos, and each other
"Hey babes, let's get tat-twos to show we'll always be true."
by Steed Dropout September 15, 2012
From tête-à-tête, a face to face social event, but this is tit to tit, where a man brushes against a girl's tits with his chest, or two girls touch.
"I went tit to tit with her yesterday, when a lurch on the metro threw me against her."

"OMG," then what happened?"

"I turned beet red, and stiffened, even though I tried to suppress my ten-foot pole."
by Steed Dropout August 29, 2012
When you suspect your dumpster is more popular than you.
My friend asked me if he could dive my dumpster. Because I live in a student building where affluent students discard lots of swag, I've gotten quite a few requests. I have a lot of dumpster-diving friends, and a bad case of dumpster-envy.
by Steed Dropout August 27, 2012

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