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One hell of a boring place to work. Get paid for sitting on your ass, sure...but damn. People are nice and everything but...eeeeeh.
Intern: What does DAC stand for?
Program Director: Disability Action Center
by Steagles June 05, 2006
1. Traditionally one who exploits multiple women, forcing them to perform sexual favors for clients in return for financial profits.
2. More popular usage, one who has immense success with women and, often, takes many girlfriends.
3. Something that's cool, fashionable, or hip.
Mad Libber: Yo, look at that sexy chocolate momma over there, nigga. I wish I could get a piece of that coconut pie.
Judge Fudge: Well, that's my ho...and tonight she can be yours, for that cadillac over there.
Mad Libber: You her pimp? How about $50?
Judge Fudge: I'm far too busy being delicious.
by Steagles March 03, 2006
A fictional African-American character from the Lynyrd Skynyrd song, "The Ballad of Curtis Lowe"

The songs main, racist line goes, "Curtis Lowe was the finest NIGGER to ever play the blues"

First the confederate flags, now this?
Alleged lyric: Curtis Lowe was the finest picker to ever play the blues.

...yeah, riiight wtf's a picker?

Real lyric: Curtis Lowe was the finest NIGGER to ever play the blues.

...those racist motherfuckers
by Steagles February 14, 2006
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