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Either -

a) Someone who ditches his mates early on a night is doing a back door boogie

b) A method of sneaking in clubs, thus avoiding paying the extortionate enterance fees, by kicking in the fire door and running straight into the middle of the dance floor so you cannot be spotted by the meathead bouncers.
"Dude i cannot be arsed paying £10 to get in here tonight"

"Fire door round the back, lets do a back door boogie"
by Ste Crayston June 23, 2006
To get nailed by another player in any sports game or to be beaten up by someone on a night out.
"Did you see Liddell vs Jackson last night?"
"Yeah, it was awesome watching Jackson get absolutely Pat Butchered by Chuck. Never laughed so much in my life!"
by Ste Crayston May 16, 2007
Ginger pubic hair on a redhead result in her having a rusty bucket
"Damn that redhead is hot!"

"Yeah mate i'd love to see her rusty bucket, i bet it's smokin!"
by Ste Crayston March 12, 2007
To describe the act of screwing a lady.
"Guess what Dan I met your mum last night. Ended up taking her back to the supermarket toilets to fire one in her"

"No wonder she was walking funny Steve, I thought she had just been drinking again"
by Ste Crayston August 21, 2007
In the wings system these are awarded for having sex with a disabled person.
Got my silver wings last nite, i was hammered!
by Ste Crayston June 19, 2006
When having sex with a young lady one withdraws his love staff at the point of ejaculation and sprays his love muck on the lady's chin. The jizz should start to hang down off the chin, creating a rather fetching white beard look, similar to Merlin's.
"Hey guess what Rich, I did a Merlin's beard on your mum last night!"

"Oh right I just thought she hadn't shaved!"
by Ste Crayston December 05, 2006

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