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Similar to the Houdini Cheesecake except when your mate comes out the closet he throws a bowl of chocolate ice cream, preferably with spinkles, in the girls face.
"Hey dude good job with the Houdini chocolate surprise last nite, your mum was well shocked."
by Ste Crayston June 20, 2006
When a girl has had so many blokes she will end up being known as a Belgrano bitch because so many men have gone down on her
I've fucked your Mum but so has everybody, after all she is a Belgrano bitch.
by Ste Crayston June 19, 2006
The excess weight a women continues to carry after giving birth.
"Rich your mum looks well fat!"

"Yeah its her baby weight"

"She had my kid 2 years ago! Tell that bitch to get down the gym"
by Ste Crayston November 29, 2006
A phrase used to describe when one is going to the toilet to have a shit.

It means that the person "Mustafa crap"
"Where you off to?"

"Just going to meet the Arabs"
by Ste Crayston November 29, 2006
A term used in the UK to signify a black person
"theres John, hes one dull coloured commonwealth cousin"
by Ste Crayston November 01, 2006
To engage in the act of lovemaking in a rather vigious fashion
"Fuck me I'm knackered"
"How come?"
"I absolutely banged the spine out her head last night"
"Your mum Dan, duh!"
by Ste Crayston March 27, 2007
Either -

a) Someone who ditches his mates early on a night is doing a back door boogie

b) A method of sneaking in clubs, thus avoiding paying the extortionate enterance fees, by kicking in the fire door and running straight into the middle of the dance floor so you cannot be spotted by the meathead bouncers.
"Dude i cannot be arsed paying £10 to get in here tonight"

"Fire door round the back, lets do a back door boogie"
by Ste Crayston June 23, 2006
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