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Someone, usually in their mid teens to early thirties. They usually will be caught hanging around the local gym, target.... etc. They usually adhere to the straight edge lifestyle and will travel in packs.

Some of the outfits of an average hardcore kid:
Longsleeve black shirt usually with something offensive written in large white print for extra BR00tality

A flat brimmed hat that is usually too small for their head with the brim point somewhat straight up and slightly to the side.

hair usually very short or buzzed to show off their br00tal gauges.

either will be seen wearing gym shorts with disgusting white vans with no socks, or ironic loafers.

Can also be seen wearing slim fit jeans with nike dunks that they constantly brag about.

A true hardcore kid knows the roots of hardcore and listens to actual hardcore bands like Terror, Reign supreme, Earth crisis, Hoods, death before dishonor, armed for battle.

A poser on the other hand will claim hardcore and straight edge but will listen to Br00tal bands like suicide silence and bring me the horizon or whitechapel. These people usually call themselves hardcore for about a week and then move on to their next phase of "rebellion".

Hardcore is all about positivity and perserverance and will be around long after all the trends are dead.
"he look at that kid wearing a terror shirt and a flat brimmed hat saying tough guy phrases and pointing his head up in the air while looking down because he is too cool to look straight ahead with his head level."

" he must be a hardcore kid."
by staytruesxe February 22, 2010

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