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One of the few words that can mean either male or female genitals.
"Watch out stevens got his pissmeat out again" or "since giving birth, vanessa's pissmeat flaps around in the wind a lot"
#piss #meat #batwings #genitals #schlong
by staygold1984 March 11, 2010
a large penis.

the opposite of a pickle dick.

combines the words cornichon (french for gerkin) and schlong.
dave: "i heard todd has the smallest pickle dick"

eric: "nah no way, it must have been cold. i saw a movie he made, it was definately a cornischlong"
#cornichon #schlong #pickledick #gerkin #pissmeat
by staygold1984 March 18, 2010
A celebrity who has aids.
doorman: "sorry you're not on the list, you're not coming in."

freddy mercury: "no not A-list, i said i'm on the aids list."

doorman: "shit, sorry, so you are, come straight in, just don't touch me."

freddy mercury: "fuck yeah, doctors thought they knew better with all their science, but i knew one day there'd be a plus side to being an aids list celebrity."
#aids #hiv #celebrity #a list #z list #famous
by staygold1984 April 15, 2010
Pronounced 'beeday'. These are lips that are perfect for licking out ass. Similar to b.j. lips (great for blow jobs).

Orignating from the french word bidet. In France the bidet is used for cleaning the ass after taking a dump.
"Did you see her lips after surgery?"

"Yeah she can suck on my ring any day, they are the juiciest bidet lips I've ever seen"
#felch #beeday #bidet #ass licker #bj lips
by staygold1984 April 05, 2010
a fictional character used by gutless adults to explain away period pains and blood to curious children.

the story goes: strawberry george causes period pain by picking strawberrys inside mommys tummy and turning them into jam.

usually this story just complicates matters and ends with the truth being told, as well as revealing that other fictional characters such as santa and the easter bunny are also made up.

the child will cry.

women hate strawberry george.
daughter accidently walks in on mother on toilet.

daughter: "mommy why do you have a red stuff coming out of your flower"

mother: "because strawberry george has come to visit and is making jam"

daughter: "oooo i love jam, can i have some?"
#jam #period #ragweek #time of the month #vaginal bleed
by staygold1984 April 15, 2010
A penis that is able to produce semen.
"mommy the priest put his puberty worm inside me and made an icky mess"
#worm #pissmeat #schlong #dick #puberty #cock
by staygold1984 April 15, 2010
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