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A person who tries to look smarter than it really is. Pseudo-Intellects usually post philosophy or metaphors that make no sense in their status updates on Facebook while using words they don't even understand. They also try to be political, scientific or statistical about random shit nobody cares about.

The things Pseudo-Intellects write don't make sense to anyone but themselves, and they like that because it makes them feel smarter, even though they're the real dumbasses. If they happen to get a "Like" on one of their Facebook quatrains, it's either from another Pseudo-Intellect or from a dumbass who assumes the P-I is smart.
Pseudo-Intellect on FB: "If we open trade to all countries, the surrogates can come together and we can have world peace. And finally, Man can have it's mantra fufilled."
*liked by 16 year old dumbass*

Friend on FB: "What the fuck?"
by Stay gold ponyboy June 11, 2011
White kids (mostly anime geeks and fat girls) who pretend to know so much about Japanese culture and who pretend to be Japanese. They do so by blurting out random, Japanese-sounding words and naming their made up anime characters with false Japanese names. They scribble random Japanese characters in an incorrect way in their notebooks at school, thinking it means something. These geeks are always bugging people by walking up to them and shouting "DESU DESU DESU!!!" in their faces.

They may fap constantly to hentai, furry porn, or some other crazy Japanese fetish. They also eat lots of California Rolls, Kalamari and Ramen, because those are the only Japanese foods they can think of. They also listen to music ranging from anime soundtracks to bizarre J-Rock.

Sure, it sounds like just a nerd in love with Japanese culture, but when he starts acting like he can speak and write Japanese when he doesn't know jack shit, then he's a Pseudo-Japanese kid.
Guy #1: Look at Freddrick over there, drawing his anime characters again. He named one of them Unochi Michimagi...

Guy #2: Pffftt, that kid is Pseudo-Japanese.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy February 09, 2010
People who tend to think they're cool because they act German, while they're really not German at all. They exist in forums (especially VampireFreaks) and schools, where they constantly shout the only two lines of German they know around others to make themselves look smarter and cooler. Sometimes, they get their humor by saluting like a Nazi Soldier, also done to feel rebellious. Pseudo-German are usually one of those 'Metal Elitists' who listen to obsure German bands in order to look more German.
Pseudo-German: "Iza mik shiza!!"
Sucker: "Ooooo German! What's it mean?"
PG: "Eat my shit!!"
Guy who speaks German fluently: "You're doing it wrong!"
by Stay Gold Ponyboy November 09, 2009
A phrase you shout out while having sex with your partner's gaping asshole. It seems as if your cock is disappearing into a dark well or cave while sexing.
I was listening to Alice in Chain's "Down in a Hole" while I was sinking my dick deep into her wide open asshole.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy September 07, 2008
People who are more for the less popular culture. They usually dress, but not restricted to, in black and baggy-ass pants covered in 100 pounds of chains, belts, straps and studs. They can dress in multicolored clothing and even have multicolored hair. They listen to underground (although very popular in the subculture) industrial groups or other electronic artists and metal. They have an obsession with gas masks, vinyl, goggles and wacky hair. Usually found at rave parties, vampirefreaks, and horror festivals. Goths usually consist of pale white people, Germans, Pseudo-Germans, very few black chicks, and Japenese people. You'll never see an Indian or Afgan goth person EVAR.

I guarentee you EVERY goth loves Invader Zim, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and any other Tim Burton movies that star Johnny Depp.

The emo and scene subculture derives their fashion from Goth fashion.
Goth kids would suck Jack Skellington's rotted cock if he were real. Since they don't like the norm, they'll act as if they like the taste of his rotted dong.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy September 04, 2009
The act of waving one or two fingers and your head side to side to the rhythm of music, in a metronome-like manner. This dance is usually done by nerds who can't dance or people who just don't feel like getting down. Many nerds who do this dance, usually do it to J-Rock, J-pop, Weird Al, or some other nerdy music such as Banana Phone.
All the nerds in the classroom started to do the Metronome Dance when the teacher turned on some Weird Al Yankovic polka crap.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy April 23, 2010
Pancakes either made by or made out of the Jewish people. Usually cooked in large ovens and cremetoriums. Prepared and enjoyed by nazi skinheads, especially during WWII.
Well, my Jewish family is going to have pankikes for breakfast this morning.
by Stay Gold Ponyboy August 06, 2009
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