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Here at St. Gertrude's we are proud of our plaid skirts, class colors, the perfect brown lace up shoes and of course, our prostitution skills. A good 90% of the student body was rejected from one of the finer prep schools in the city (namely Collegiate or St. Catherines) and the other 10% didn't even bother to apply. There is one thing for sure, the entire 100% has some form of VD. But when we aren't busy dealing with our "strenuous" academics we're usually spotted outside our brother school, Benedictine, rolling up our skirts and unbuttoning our oxfords. Considering we may be the lowest rank of private school in Richmond we only practice those skills that will be applicable to us in the real world, namely, prostitution. Otherwise our street clothes usually fail to cover our entire body and add the fried hair from straightening, the large hoop earrings from Claires and a good mask of makeup we're ready for our next hookup. That hook up probably being one of the fuglies from Benedictine or maybe we'll chase those foxy preps alittle bit more just to be turned down for one of their kind. Get em drunk enough tho, and they might just have something to do with us; the proud, the few, THE Dirty Gerties.
Dirty Gertie #1: I'm pretty sure I hooked up with someone yesterday, but I never really got a good look at their face.
Dirty Gertie #2: Should we take our weekly trip to Planned Parenthood or stay here and fight over the cookies?
Dirty Gertie #1: We should probably get over to the mall I heard Hollister is having a huge sale, those skirts are usually short enough, but I can always hem them.
Dirty Gertie #1&2: YES NORMAL CLOTHES!
by stay classy January 27, 2005

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