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The incredibly tight jean those "trendy" kids wear in a whole assortment of different colors, most notably purple.
-I've got half the rainbow

-In what?
-In skinnies...duh
by Stauder May 07, 2009
To use an AK47 with a silencer
Eric I'm going to jihad ninja your ass
by Stauder April 23, 2008
A belt that a woman wears above her waist and below her breast, which makes her breast more noticeable.
-Damn Jenny's boobs look great
-Duh, she's wearing a boob belt
by Stauder February 26, 2009
A phrase to be said to anyone that ask for advice when going to the DMV for a driving test. The assumption is that the fat guy is a dick and will grade you tough.
Matt: I have my driving test in twenty minutes!!!!!!! What should I do!!!!!!!!!!
by Stauder October 21, 2009
To think up a lie, normally to tell to your parents, friends, teachers, or anyone you need to lie to.
John- did you hear billy fucked a hooker?
Eric- No way, he's cooking up some bullshit
by Stauder August 31, 2008
The area between being awake and asleep. Consisting of eyes closed, body semi to fully relaxed, and still hearing things going on around you. This sleep normally happens at school or some other dull location/event. Semi-sleep is not long, typically lasting no more than 30 minutes.
Michael woke up after 15 minutes of semi-sleep, feeling slightly better than when he fell asleep.
by Stauder March 27, 2009
When a woman goes from happy or mellow to a bitch with little or no reason. Not necessarily due to her time of the month.
I was talking to Sally today and with no warning she bitch flipped on me.
by Stauder February 18, 2009

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