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upper class hotel network of Ramada Inns, Inc
I spit a little G man and my game got her
A hour later had her ass up in the Ramada
50 Cent
#hotel #luxury #prestige #picturesque #best
by Stas May 29, 2006

People in Helsinki call their city "Stadi", the town, so Stadingrad comes from there.
There's so much snow here that you can't get out of this city by car, by bus or by train. I guess I'm trapped in Stadingrad.
#stadi #helsinki #helsingfors #finland #stalingrad
by stas February 21, 2012
Shortened form of "Itchy Butthole Syndrome". Caused most often by having multiple Anal Voids in a short period of time and/or an analingorgy.
I ate taco bell for two days straight. I had IBS for the next week.
by Stas April 05, 2003
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