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This is when someone of Star Trek fanaticism (be it Trekkie or Trekker) randomly relates something to Star Trek in some way to people who could give a shit. This is basically a way to show off one's knowledge of Star Trek.
Non-Star Trek fan: (watching Desperate Housewives)
(Star Trek fan walks in): Hey, what ya watchin'
Non-Star Trek fan: Desperate Housewives.
Star Trek Fan: Dude, is that Teri Hatcher? You know, Teri Hatcher played the transporter technician in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Outrageous Okona" in the second season. She later got laid by Captain Okona later in the episode.
Non-Star Trek fan: Does it look like I give a shit? Dude, this Trekkie Maneuver shit has GOT to stop!
by startrek4life April 09, 2010

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