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3 definitions by starstruck

one who is a person of many talents who is also a dab hand at safecracking,according to the fat odd shaped manager! going 2 work armed with a giant toolbox with a boss who is as bright as that toolbox! why are managers such arseholes?
when u are giving me a reference 2 get out of this shithole, dont forget 2 mention i moonlight as a safecracker u nutjob!
by starstruck January 30, 2008
one who keeps her neighbours up all night with an awful racket between her mooing & him flapping & making walrus noises. in between them outside, her eating the grass & him eating the fish out of the pond!!!
will somone please fone that fucking zoo & have these morons removed with their anti social behaviour ffs!!!
by starstruck January 28, 2008
someone who is small in height, odd shaped & top heavy & is an ugly bastard into the bargain but thinks she is gorgeous! fuck me, get ur odd shaped eyes tested fuck face!!!
usually a manager who must have had a blind interviewing panel to give her (FUCK FACE) the job OMG !!!
by starstruck January 27, 2008