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A b-side was originally known as the song on the flipside of a 12" or 7" vinyl single that backed the A-side, but wasn't the song promoted or received the radio play. Today CD singles have b-sides along with remixes, even though ironically CD singles only have one side that is used. With CD singles dying a slow death today, b-sides are becoming a rarer commodity. B-sides were originally used to make a single worth the buyer's money and to get fans to buy the singles along with the album it came from.

B-sides are usually songs that do not appear on the actually album that the A-side appears on, ocassionally it does. The b-side song was usually determined not to fit in with the overall sound of the album or it was considered not good enough to be on the album or just plain leftover tracks, so hence it's usage as a b-side. B-sides have often gotten a reputation of being filler and sub-par, even though a good majority of the time b-sides are better than a lot of the album tracks, and in some cases, better than the A-side.
"Autumn Goodbye" is the b-side to Britney Spears' 1999 single "...Baby One More Time."

"Heartbreaker" is the b-side to P!nk's 2006 single "Stupid Girls."
by starsinthetwilight February 19, 2009
A measurment used on women's pants, shorts, skirts, and jeans. Traditionally a size 0 is a 23 inch waist, but sometimes it may be a 22 or 24. This size is considered ideal in the world of high fashion modeling, and most women don't naturally have this so they often go to extreme lengths to achieve this.There is one size smaller, the 00, but many clothing companies don't carry this size, just size 0.
It's often told that being a size 0 is the eqivalent of being beautiful if you are female.
by starsinthetwilight February 19, 2009
The act of terminating a pregnancy.

Many people like to paint abortion as evil and the eqivalent to murdering a fully-developed, conscious human being, which is a delusional argument.

People against abortion are usually religious conservatives that argue that life begins when sperm meets egg. They also argue that every life is predetermined by a higher power, which is a flawed argument because it's really easy to get somebody pregnant, and it was origanally made that way to insure the survival of a species. Once the baby is born, "pro-lifers" then don't care what happens to the child. Most "pro-lifers" don't adopt unwanted children or give money to orphanages. And ironically many "pro-lifers" support unnecessary war, the death penalty, hunting animals for fun and sport, and murdering people on religious grounds. Also a minority of "pro-lifers" take it to an extreme level and bomb abortion clinics and murder abortion clinic doctors and employees.

I'll always maintain the opinion that only the woman carrying the child should be able to choose if she wants to carry the baby to term or not, but I don't think abortion is as bad as everyone makes it out to be. With so many kids in orphanges and a world population of 6.5 billion, and millions of starving people, abortion helps control population, since some people are too stupid to not wear a condom.

One has to ask if people just suddenly stopped having abortions, what would happen to the extra 40 million babies that would be born worldwide each year? This is something "pro-lifers" don't think about.
Whether to have or not have an abortion should be only up to the woman carrying the fetus to decide, not some 80 year old male politicians or the religious fundies.
by starsinthetwilight February 19, 2009
1.) A woman who is mean-spirited and hostile.

2.) To nag or complain excessively.

3.) A female dog.

4.) Implying that someone is property of someone else.
1.) That lady is such a bitch, she has some nerve telling me it's my fault I'm fat.

2.) All he does is bitch all day about how his girlfriend always leaves the toilet seat up.

3.) Steven's bitch just had 8 adorable little puppies.

4.) Wanda became Stephanie's bitch in prison.
by starsinthetwilight February 19, 2009

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