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What 40-50 year old overweight, ugly guys say they are to A/S/L in internet chatrooms to other unsuspecting 12-40 year old males
<sk8rboi18>Hi A/S/L
<sexy_chick_15> 15/f/Sydney
by starman January 26, 2004
Silent But Deadly.- Fart, air biscuit, phewumatic turd driver. A warnig of smells to come.
I alway yell 'incoming' when I let go a SBD.
by Starman February 13, 2005
The clitoris: a manually operated organ of female sexual arousal and orgasm. Located at the top of the Giggle Duct.
Man, I got on your girlfriends Fun Buzzer and she popped so hard she cried.

I didn't know she had one or where she kept it.

You gotta look in her giggle duct
by Starman February 22, 2005
The anal opening. Only touching of it is grudgingly allowed. Many women resist fingering of this until sufficently aroused and then many discover it is a one way ticket to internal fireworks.
Qim squirmed when first I fingered her touchole. But after some clit clobbering I easily slid two fingers in her touchole and the moaning and writhing began in ernest.
by Starman February 11, 2005
Molly, or having to do with or being like molly
Molly is a toolshed
by Starman May 21, 2004

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