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the coolest brand of shoes. also a bmx, surfing, snowboarding, and skating team. Ryan Scheckler is one of the most popular members of the skating team.etnies are expensive as hell, but worth it. very comfortable and durable.
arto, chinch, sheckler, calicut, kingpin. my etnies rock.
by starfox mcleod April 07, 2007
a white kid born usually in a normal middle-class suburban home who poses as a stereotypical or ghetto black kid. most have a shrine of eminem or another rapper in their closet, and write letters to that rapper. they always listen to the song Stan by eminem. they like to talk about "dem hoes", or "dey bitches" ,even though they cant even kiss a hooker if they paid her.
wigger 1: yo homey you git dat new young joc cd yet?

wigger 2: oh snap! it out already? i was too busy writin a rap about life in da hood.

wigger1:yuh muh nigga!

wigger 1: well ahm outey, i gotta get some fake spinnas on muh rims from k-mart.

wigger 2: PEACE DAWG!

later that day

Eminem: yo i thought i told you to stop writin letters to me.

wigger 2: cum on homey, thug life! foshizzey muh nizzle ah jus be thying to make it through muh broke ass life in da hood hood

Eminem:kicks wiggers ass
by starfox mcleod March 26, 2007

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