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A song by Muse that presents the risk of reducing you to a overwhelmed pudding of what you previously were, simultaneously changing your views on the limits of man, resurrecting your faith in modern music, whacking you with every pleasant or good thing that has ever happened in your life back into the front of your mind, and making you question why you have gone this long without hearing it.

This masterpiece that the English language merely gave the name ‘song’ to features a piano solo that will make you burst into tears. You will automatically assume that the pianist is just the pianist due to the solo’s advanced composure, but in reality (of which you have lost the meaning of after hearing the song) this virtuoso is also the gifted-fingered guitarist, angelic vocals, and song-writer- or more fitting- composer. After listening you may find yourself using British spelling, even though you’re American, talking fast, learning the alphabet backwards, and being a cooler person. Upon listening to all of Muse’s other songs you most likely get the same effect, but this one’s my favourite (hehe… spelling).
*John finds overwhelmed puddle of pudding with ear-phones in*

Pudding: listen to “Butterflies and Hurricanes”

*John listens to “Butterflies and Hurricanes”

John-Flavoured Pudding: I feel love, anger, lust, and ‘shrooms multiplied and improved all at once. I don’t need food, water, drugs, or sex ever again.
by star-lit May 17, 2009

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