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(Verb) The act of raising the upper lip up to the nostrils and immediately inhaling, creating a vacuum that holds the lip in a raised position.

(Noun) The upper lip during this act.
"Wow! Did you see that old man do a massive mushkin?"

"Mmmmmmm. My mushkin smells great today."
by stanleymilan September 24, 2007
(Noun) Girlfriend, esp an attractive one.
"Alright mickett, fancy some dinner?"

"No mickett. We are not watching Love Actually"
by stanleymilan September 24, 2007
(Noun) The most dearly loved person in your life. Your best friend. Your little spoon. Your soulmate. Your number 1.

Derived from Mickett
"Mickey, do you remember the first time we met and we said we'd give up everything we had and buy a boat and sail to South America."

"I'd still give up everything for you, Mickey."

by stanleymilan September 24, 2007
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