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the study of garbage
The trashy hooker went to school to major in garbology.
by stanley December 30, 2004
One of the stupidest, but funniest movies ever. Highly underated comedy.
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! UHF is so funny!!!!HAHAHAHAHAHA oww..my sides HAHAHAHA...my sides are splitting.
by Stanley May 08, 2003
Noun. The practice of those who own and operate www.toydestruction.com
That was some damn good Toy Destruction Ezekiel!
by Stanley May 04, 2004
Usually refers to a kid who enjoys the art of masturbation. Lives with korean peolple and takes it in the ass.
That kid is a Skipper Junior.
by Stanley October 24, 2003
Noun. Someone who uses large fonts, hackneyed arguments, bad logic, and an air of superiority to make up for his total lack of friends. Furthermore, this type of person is only enjoyed by those who have an IQ lower than his or her own. Consequently, the only company that a "jawknee" usually has is a single cancerous ferret.
So and so proved themselves to be an incontrovertible jawknee with an incredible display of incoherent, anal retentive intellectual debauchery that transcended anything previously witnessed in the history of mankind.
by Stanley May 04, 2004
"my car is slow" is a relative statement. It's true, of course, since the person who used it will have something to compare it with;
Concord at speed or Formula One car driven hard.
by Stanley April 12, 2004
Probably one of the most overratted, underachieveing, over-payed players in the NBA. And of course, the Knicks salavate over guys like this. I have never heard the word "potential" used so much on a player before. He will never, ever live up to his "pontential."
Fan 1: man that guy is doggin it out there... it looks like he should be dominating everyone that guards him.
Fan 2: Yea, he's really pullin a Tim Thomas right now.
by Stanley March 09, 2005
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