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A nigga that is just gay in everyway. Someone who looks like they like dicks in their booty holes. A fag, queer, homo, ect.
Clarence: "Yo here comes that nigga Tyrome! He's a fuckin homo!"
Bill:"I'm sayin my nigga! That's one Dick in the booty hole ass nigga right thurrr!"

Tyrome:"Hey There!!"
by stanky slanky December 14, 2009
A nigga thats got on some shoes that look so dumb on tha nigga that it seems as

if Tony Danza would or already has worn the shoes.
"Yo nigga, check out that nigga Mike's shoes!"

"Ahaha, that's one Tony Danza shoes wearin ass nigga right there!"

Mike:" Fuck you guys...
by stanky slanky December 10, 2009
A person who gets drunk off one beer, therefore making themselves look like a queer.
Clarence:"Hey Devin are you drunk all ready?"
Jim:"Yea he is, he's a one beer queer!"
by stanky slanky December 10, 2009
Used to emphasize the truth of a statement. To say yes without a doubt.
"Yo nigga do you really got that new Big Slank and Dirt Dawg mixtape?"

"All Realz, homie."
by stanky slanky December 10, 2009
noun:Any foam finger that has special meaning or a priceless quality to its

owner. Can be of any team but the term Prised Fanger is typically associated

with a red Louisville Cardinal's foam finger that has two fingers pointing up

and a thumb on the side in the shape of an L. Prised Fangers are usually taken

everywhere the owner goes, even if no game or sporting event is happening.

Prised Fangers usually have various names and words written all over them(

typically theses markings are the handy work of the owner aka the Prised One).

Some Fangers are also known to have black and mild burn marks and even bites

taken out of them. The more unique a Fanger the more prised it becomes.

Sometimes wearers of such a Fanger, will poke others in the face while

repeating, "look out for the Fanger!" This is known as a Fanger Attack
"Look out for the Fanger!!!"

"Get that Prised Fanger outta my face im tryin to drive here!"=
by stanky slanky December 10, 2009

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