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This law of nature states that if you see a gross bug in your room and it crawls out of sight, it could be anywhere in the room. It follows that there is a significant possibility it could be about to crawl onto you, and this fact will eventually freak you out.

Borrowed from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which states that both the position and momentum of an electron cannot be known.
I just saw a spider go behind the desk, and by the Hiding Bug Uncertainty Principle it could come out of nowhere and crawl on me at any moment.
by stankin' charlie September 29, 2011
loud fat chick
"Check out that LFC - it's like it doesn't even know it's fat"

"God I hate LFC's"

"Steven went home with that LFC last night and got the clap"
by stankin' charlie September 18, 2011
A man with the morals of a man - see slut
Person A: "Joe is such a man slut."
Person B: "He sounds like a completely typical guy."
Person A: "He is. I bet the person who made the entry for slut didn't think of that."
Person B: "I guess not. That is pretty fucking clever though."
by stankin' charlie September 26, 2011

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