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3 definitions by stanandstanley

"sleezebag" spelled backwards. type of bug that pops out 2000 babies a day because they are "sleezy"

phonetical pronunciation- gayb-ZEE-ls
Ya bunch of gabezeels!
by stanandstanley February 26, 2012
A condition where you can only recite lines from Dr. Theodor Seuss's childrens' books.
example of dr seussitis:

Child: One fish two fish, red fish blue fish!

Mom: Doctor, i don't know what to do, he's been doing this all day!

Doctor: He's got a wocket in his pocket and yeps in his steps.

Mom: Oh no, you too?!
by stanandstanley July 02, 2012
A Dr. Seuss expression referring to the puffy upper lips of Whooville residents.
You need a slugslock reduction.
by stanandstanley July 02, 2012