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similar to DUI, apparently. When you get high on whatever substance, usually alcohol, and "set the record straight" with exes; family; coworkers; old teachers, etc.
I dialed while intoxicated and called my best friend from first grade and we decided to join the Marines.
by Stan the Man December 12, 2004
These other definitions are good; this seems to be primarily Scottish/British Isles; See Franco Begbie for true enlightenment
Rent boy, ya doss cunt; gies us a zigarette, fir FUCK's saik!!!
by Stan the Man December 12, 2004
old womens tits that sag to the floor.
ur moms tits sag
by stan the man May 13, 2003
See also: six-stringer (which is also related to comb overs)
those inbred white trash kids who were harassing that fey guy were both sporting crustaches - go figure
by Stan the Man December 12, 2004
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