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When you sneak up on a friend and try to stick your penis in their mouth while they are yawning without them noticing. in a perfect scenario you get the victem to choke. Bonus points if you can sneak the balls in there.
i was just sitting there.. and john caught me with the sloppy whopper!
by stan harris March 24, 2007
The act of sneaking up on a friend from behind, and ejaculating on their backs without him or her noticing.
Man, John did it again. The Sloppy Whopper with heavy mayo... i need a new shirt.
by stan harris March 24, 2007
this is where you find a friend who is eating a burger, and try to stick your penis inside their burger when they put it down, in an attempt to make them bite your penis. rarely works, but is a very nice site to see.
John Alllllmost got me with the sloppy whopper with cheese! i would have bit his dick clean off.
by stan harris March 24, 2007
This one is the most tricky of the sloppy whoppers, you need to get a group of friends to gang up on one victem. each performing different variations of the sloppy whopper. you must stick you penis in a burger, get another friend to get his penis in his or her mouth while she yawns, and the third friend to ejaculate on her back. Any one who can pull this off is a lord of the whopper.
We are so gonna get John back for all this. THE ULTIMATE SLOPPY WHOPPER COMBO!
by stan harris March 24, 2007

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