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14 definitions by stan b.

A hickey.
He left quite a black and blue necktie on that little cutie.
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
11 7
The act of returning fecal matter to the orifice from which it came.
I asked this street wino why he was shoving turds up his asshole, and he told me, "I'm unpooing."
by Stan B. January 30, 2003
11 8
The practice of cutting holes in the genital areas of people in photographs, then inserting one's fingers as a means of deriving sexual pleasure.
I cut a hole in Jenny's picture, then furtled her for hours.
by Stan B. February 06, 2003
28 26
Exposing one's backside and pressing it firmly against another person.
I gave that old lady in the mall a contact moon.
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
3 1
Alternatively, this word can refer to any piece of fecal matter, regardless of flushability, that is less dense than water, thereby floating to the top of the toilet bowl water. The opposite of sinker.
Last time I took a crap, they were all floaters.
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
11 14
Also a verb used to describe when a woman exposes her bare breasts in public.
I watched the college girls dime the camera on Girls Gone Wild.
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
2 12
Same as brown shower. Defecating on a sex partner.
He gave his boyfriend a chocolate thunder.
by Stan B. January 16, 2003
9 31