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Good ol' Stamford
Need a break from the 99% white towns like new canaan and greenwitch then go chill in downtown stamford. but since the fairly small city with very low crime rate is half urban and half suburban you can always drive to north stamford to see the big houses and forrest that lines the roads. Stamford has a good night life Great resturants and w/ new clubs like the thirsty turtle along with 24 hour diners you never have to go home. We have a decent mall and amazing target. Public schools do suck but we produce some badass baskeball and basketball players. Overall its a great diverse city in fairfield county
Someone gets the crap beat out of them friday night outside the downtown mcdonalds
At the same time the preppy kids are in north stamford getting drunk and the badass ones are hitting mailboxes with their baseball bats that they will also use the next day to hit homeruns
by stamford22 April 21, 2005

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