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An X-games similar sport that involves 2 couples. Each couple goes into a room and has non stop, sweaty, kinky sex for 24 hours straight and is not allowed to leave the confines of the musk smelling sex chamber. You must have sex at least once every 2 hours and are only allowed to bring in one drink each, some fruit, and some kinky shit that mostly west coast girls are into. ie. anal beads, milk of magnesia, frisky fingers silicone vibrating bullet, and perhaps a cucumber for good measure. The catch is though that while each couple is having sex, the opposite couple has made 5 mix CD's comprising of the worst songs. for the other couple to listen to for their listening (and anal, vaginal pleasure.) Such song might be anything by Michael Bolton, Cher, Nickelback, the birthday song, or anything your parents have fucked too. You must have the volume half way up while making love to your partner while trying to get in the terminator zone or at least to get it up. The two couples have already agreed on a forfeit fuck zone (which is usually a common barrier between both rooms.) The losing couple must walk out, and stay there and text/call the winning couple that has not given up their fuckable mood.
Bro: Brosef, did you catch that sick football game Saturday night?
Chad: Naw brah, I wasn't here.
Bro: Where were you? The whole frat house circle jerked each other while drinking the Natty keg.
Chad: Me and my chick took a trip to Fuck City with Chris and his hottie.
Bro: O fo sho.
by stallionchamp June 18, 2009

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