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roflolapimpwding simply means the acronym rolling on the floor laughing out loud and peeing in my pants while dying in the ground.
G3akiymenz:We so pwned them
Say_Wowz3Rz:roflolapimpwding no one says that
G3akiymenz:yea well who says that?
Say_Wowz3rz:I do
G3akimenz:It does catch on quickly, post this on Urbandictioary.com
Say_Wowz3rz:yea sure thing
by stalkers March 12, 2008
A pen of some sort with a twist of comedy
Pen, gold pen, any pen
the frindle has fallen to the ground
by stalkers March 11, 2008
A slim Rod-like shape who has much might and is of power.
Rodreigo, Stick figure, muscles, Arnold S.
by stalkers March 10, 2008

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