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Basically, a way of analyzing music.

Specifically, music theory is made up of laws, rules, labels and other insights regarding Western music (particularly its harmonic tendencies), pioneered by a man named Rameau.

Music came first, theory came after.
In Music Theory, Roman numeral labels are given to chords in relation to a melodic key center. IV-V-I is the strongest cadence in Western harmony.
by stadam anley January 27, 2009
The term "affirmative action" comes from legislation like the Equal Opportunity Act which basically says that minorities (including the disabled and war vets) cannot be discriminated against for employment or enrollment in college.

That's it.
If you're complaining about getting rejected by an Ivy League school (and supposedly a black person, who you are quick to believe or imply is therefore under-qualified, got accepted instead), and not for the reason we mortals can't even dream of going to an Ivy League if we wanted to: the money; you're only proving why we need affirmative action.

If you believe the Ivy League is the epitome of higher education and not getting to attend such a school is equivalent to being denied the right to education, you're part of the problem.

If you have the time and resources to post these anti-minority rants on teh internetz, your argument holds little weight just by that fact.

White people: black people are not your problem.

(ps this is coming from a white guy who didn't even finish the writing portion of the SAT and received a substantial scholarship from his university after getting accepted there)
by stadam anley April 13, 2009

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