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66 definitions by stacy

The language that Don Vito uses.
English: Is it up a hill?
Vitoglish: Zuppa hill?
by Stacy November 06, 2004
when someone has had a cock in their mouth.
Mark always had cock breath. :(
by Stacy March 21, 2004
To take your penis and rub it around the the rim of someones cup or glass.
You're such an ass, I think I'll dirtydick your cup when you leave.
by Stacy February 19, 2005
semen, bodily fluid from a man's dick.
That guy spooged on my big tits. :)
by Stacy May 04, 2004
A man who has perfected his skills in the areas of box management and facial stimulation. Not to be confused with a husbanderman, who has not.
My life has really improved since the addition of the fuckerman.
by Stacy May 15, 2004
breasts, bouncy things on a woman's body.
My big boobies are fun to suck on. :)
by Stacy June 22, 2004
the tip of a man's penis
I love to suck that man's purple wonder!
by Stacy February 22, 2004