3 definitions by st pauli girl is hot

Another fake science liberal arts major taken predominately by psuedo-intellectual girls without father figures.

Enroll in Sociology 101 if you wish to learn the basics of radical feminism, communism, and black nationalism.
Sample Sociology test question:

What was the root cause of the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918?

a. The White man
b. The White race
c. White people
d. all of the above
by st pauli girl is hot April 09, 2007
unit for measuring gas mileage for a hummer
My H7 gets 3 gallons per mile.
by st pauli girl is hot April 11, 2007
Swedish international clothing store with the highest concentration of homosexuals in your town. They sell a lot of things with stripes on them.
Want to work at H&M?

-like fashion?
-over 18?
-flamboyantly gay?

Apply here
by st pauli girl is hot April 09, 2007

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