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coined in Tom Robbins' classic novel, Jitterbug Perfume, it refers to the act of coitus. To plow furrow is sex but with a sentimental mentality toward nature during the old in-out, in-out. You're not just banging...you're affirming your existence and giving a head nod to Gaia, that's mother earth.
This hippie chick scolded me during sex: dont just fuck me impersonally like you do other hoochies, start plowing furrow and show your respect to Mother Earth
by st paul luke February 01, 2010
an upside down blowjob, consisting of the male positioned on top and pointing his member downward to the mouth of the willing penis licker
she was lazy, just wanted to lay there...so i went for some down dicking
by st paul luke January 07, 2010

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