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1. (noun) A ugly and forgettable experience, started on the assumption that it feels good.

2. (verb) To commit yourself to a minger after ditching a supermodel; to be on the rebound.

Tiida is the antonym of 'Poolsa'.
After Jack broke up with Jill, he regretted the tiida he had with Courtney.
by ssssss June 27, 2006
Gay ass male. Who likes men, cuddles with his rabbit and snitches on everybody. He gets aggressive when someone touches his rabbit.
by Ssssss November 08, 2013
1. (noun) A motorised zimmer frame, built from aluminum and plastic.

2. (verb) To fatally wound what was previously healthy and thriving.

Nobody can understand why the carmaker N16ed its flagship model...
by ssssss June 27, 2006

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