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Acronym for "queefing my tits off," used by the finest caliber of society in two main, everyday situations:

(1). To express how truly unexciting something lame is by mockingly comparing it to feminine excitement. In other words, used similarly to how "gay" was used - before everyone realized how homophobia is a LOT less funny than sexist slurs.

(2). To describe one's self as having displayed behaviors similar to a woman (referred to as "being an inconsiderate bitch" by academia). Used in a context of self-reflection - usually to describe a regretful time one was acting in such a way, or to explain why one will not take a certain action in the present (to avoid acting in such a way).

The following incorporates both of these definitions, respectively:
Humanitarian douche: Did you hear about the new environmentally friendly vegan burgers at Shartzesia's?

Academia: Oh yea, QMTO(1) in excitement here

Passerby: I'm so glad Academia uses that term instead of resorting to homophobia.

Academia: I know, I feel so terrible- really used to QMTO(2)

Jon Lajoie: Women QTTO and I don't respect them. That's right, I just have sex with 'em.
by ssnoil November 16, 2011
Acronym for "queefing their tits off," used only by the most intellectual of the intellectualism movement of the late second millennium of the common era.

1. A general marker used to explicate the female human sub-race (termed "cunts" by academia) - used especially when they group together and "think" they can be meaningfully relevant in any political process besides the engineering of sex scandals.

2. Used as an insult, implemented by comparing some group of people unfavorably to women.

3. When a group of women experiences excessive vaginal flatulence. For centuries, scholars have argued that this third definition of QTTO is equivalent to the "especially" part of the first definition, rendering it redundant.
The History Channel: If women knew that their votes during presidential elections didn't actually count for anything, they would QTTO, thereby greatly accelerating global warming - is that correct?

Academia: Yes, thank goodness women are too stupid to figure out technology.
by ssnoil November 16, 2011

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