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to get the short end of the stick is to suffer the bad effects of a situation.
Good Samaritan laws exist so that people who have a desire to help don't wind up getting the short end of the stick.

I really suck at writing about myself, so in application processes that require personal statements, I really get the short end of the stick.
#benefit #disadvantage #advantage #bad effects #luck out
by ssnickerer July 10, 2008
To be gungho about something is to be passionate, excited, or all about it. To like/love something - a lot.
She's all gungho about Italian food.
"Are you doing anything for the Fourth of July?"
"Nah, I'm not all gungho and everything about all this national pride crap. I mean, we're the United States for crying out loud..."
#excited #passionate #all about #like something a lot #have great interest
by ssnickerer July 10, 2008
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