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Claims to be a song from the sixties. He was raised by a cup of coffee. When asked how he got here, all he said was "Twas the pride of the peaches", indicating that Homsar is from Georgia. He claims to be a million ladies tall, and is the original ladies' man, but these claims have not been proven. Homsar tends to mistaken Strong Bad for Reggie, and wonders if that rhinocerous is around. Homsar's words of wisdom are to think you can twice, save the best for last, and don't fake the funk on a nasty Doug.
"You sank my jenga ship!"
by ssbmeleemaster June 06, 2003
See wordTrogdor The Burninatorword.
"Look at his majesty!"
by ssbmeleemaster June 06, 2003
A really childish way to get back at France. What are they going to do next? Rename France "Poopyland"?
"I'll have a hamburger and some Freedom Fries."
by ssbmeleemaster June 06, 2003
A drink featured at Homestar Runner. It seems to be Strong Bad's favorite drink.
"A one that is not cold is hardly a one at all."
by ssbmeleemaster June 06, 2003

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