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This is the phonetic pronunciation of the 13375p33k (leetspeak) word pl0x, meaning 'please'. Alternate pronunciations are ploox, plowx and puh-lowx. Normally, plocks is used to add emphasis to a question that may or may not be serious, or as a last ditch attempt to get the desired response.
John: Dude, can I have some of your chicken?
James: No way, broham.
John: Oh my god, PLOCKS?! I'm so hungry!

Joe: Hey buddy, can I have bromission to hook up with your sister, plocks?
John: Haha..ha..ha. No.
Joe: Ooo heh, alrighty.
by srqresistance August 12, 2010
The extremely derisive and annoying sound one says to interrupt boring, unimportant or unnecessary stories or sentences spoken by friends. It is spoken like the work k (Kay), but with an elongated 'a' to complete the word. Often accompanied by a derisive look, a judging mouth click, snapped fingers and the ignoring of the boring person. Supremely effective in rapid fire situations.
(Anytown, World)
Friend1: Dude, so this weekend, me and my mom were watching C-SPAN and this really intere-
Friend2: (snaps fingers, points at Friend1) Kop.
Friend1: Uh, alright, so after that we knitted some socks for my cat Mitt-
Friend2: Kop. (Turns away from boring person)
Friend1: God, I hate you.
by srqresistance May 14, 2010

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