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Intensly affectionate.
They are very passionate in their love. Jerard is very passionate about his art.
by Srž Tanjur July 29, 2006
The ability to create, manipulate, or extinguish fire using one's mind. Similar to telekinesis, and aerokinesis.
An example of pyrokinesis would be using psi to enhance a flame, or to extinguish it.
by Srž Tanjur August 06, 2006
A fear of falling toward the sky. Its root may be a fear of isolation, or isolophobia. This phobia may extend to a fear of air travel, a fear of looking toward the sky, or a fear of being surrounded by the sky's reflection. In worse cases it may extend to a fear of going outside.
Evrae looks toward the sky. "Oof" he announces as if losing his breath, while quickly looking down. "What's wrong?" his friend Gemini asks. "I have Casadastraphobia." he responds. Gemini eyes him curiously "What was that?." He looks up at her "Oh, it's a fear of falling toward the sky. Sorry, I just get a little bugged out when I look up every now, and then."
by Srž Tanjur December 11, 2006
The psi ability to manipulate the wind, air, or gases with one's mind. Similar to pyrokinesis.
An example of aerokinesis is changing the direction of the wind using one's mind.
by Srž Tanjur August 06, 2006
The ability to jump nigh-instantaneously from one location to another.
A TB would be an example of something with the ability of teleportation.
by Srž Tanjur July 29, 2006
The approach a person takes to dealing with emotions and their coresponding actions.
Behavioural Approach examples:

Passive: A lack of interpersonal communication as a method of dealing with emotion(s).
Passive Assertive: A subtle, but firm communication of emotion(s).
Assertive: A straight-forward communication of emotion(s).
Assertive Aggressive: A striaght-forward, but assulting communication of emotion(s).
Aggressive: A purely assulting communication of emotion(s).
Passive Aggressive: A subtle, but assulting communication of emotion(s).
by Srž Tanjur September 12, 2006
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