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One who thinks he is better than everyone else based on the amount of artificial swag he has. This annoying personality trait is coupled with his obsessive use of the phrase "swag" in situations undeseriving of that title.
"Congratulations! You aced the math exam!"

"Ugh, he's such a swag fag

"Hey Johnny you ready to go to Stop & Shop?"
(Johnny walks downstairs with skinny jeans, hightop jordans, a beater, gold chain, ears pierced, and a fohawk)
"Yeah dude, I thought I'd just dress up...grocery swag."
by squirrellover33 September 24, 2011
An adjective used to describe a shitty situation that gets progressively worse
Mark: "Yo, did you see Jimmy passed out at the party last night?"
Ryan: "Then everyone drew dicks on him and jacked his money."
Mark: "Yeah, that shit was Katrina."
by squirrellover33 September 24, 2011

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