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"And now the liberals want to stop President Reagan from selling chemical warfare agents and military equipment to Saddam Hussein, and why? Because Saddam 'allegedly' gassed a few Kurds in his own country. Mark my words. All of this talk of Saddam Hussein being a 'war criminal' or 'committing crimes against humanity' is the same old thing. LIBERAL HATE SPEECH! And speaking of poison gas ...I SAY WE ROUND UP ALL THE DRUG ADDICTS AND GAS THEM."

-Rush Limbaugh, Nov. 3, 1988

That's all you need to know.
Rush Limbaugh: If he doesn't exemplify integrity, I don't know who does.
by Squid Wrangler May 10, 2005
Fake, totally unintersesting porn site that has become extremely popular in some bizarre, metaphysical manner. Often credited with single-handedly starting the God-awful trend of "reality" porn sites. Follows the adventures of a handful of bad actors and general wankers employed by porn juggernaut Ox Entertainment. Can typically be seen in and around South Florida paying fat, used-up, coke-shooting skanks $700 to ride around in a van and get reamed by one of the ugly freaks of nature that resides therein. Even then, if you dare conjure up any semblence of an erection, it's usually quelled by a certain wheezing, giggling, cackling, totally obnoxious bastard going by the name of Dirty Sanchez. Very little is known about this mysterious individual, other than the fact that he insists on cracking bad jokes the entire time and seems to get off on random, amateurish zooming and panning. A bunch of equally stupid and low-quality porn sites that feature many of the same girls along with the same lame-brained actors are included as extras for those deluded enough to actually buy a subscription to this shitopia. Even worse than Milf Hunter.
"Hey baby gurrrr hahahahaha wanna like ga hahahaha like come ride with us? Hahahaha, dude, dude, dude!!"
-Dirty Sanchez
by Squid Wrangler March 24, 2005
A person who probably has a Dale Earnhardt Jr. sticker on their truck/SUV.
Oh well, reasonably low gas prices were starting to get old anyway.
by Squid Wrangler March 28, 2005
A rock band that continues to frustrate pompous critics by actually living up to the hype. The White Stripes have always produced quality records, but in recent years have released three classics in a row ("White Blood Cells", "Elephant", and the newest, "Get Behind Me Satan").
"Red Rain", "My Doorbell", and "Take, Take, Take". Three great tracks off the newest record by The White Stripes. If you think those songs suck, you don't like rock music. Period.
by Squid Wrangler September 16, 2005
Every conservative's favorite porn site.
I caught Jeff beating off to Free Republic
by Squid Wrangler March 27, 2005
Seattle rock band that put a lot of guys wearing spandex and playing Charvel guitars out of employment until Kurt Cobain blew his brains out, thus making it safe again for bands like Poison and Motley Crue to start putting together reunion tours upon realizing that kicking cocaine and alcoholism isn't good enough to make people like you again.
There are numerous allusions to bodily fluids, excrement, and urine on many of the Nirvana albums. The fact that people would rather listen to that than "Cherry Pie" says something.
by Squid Wrangler March 24, 2005
The most terrible band of the past 15 years. Everything about them sucks. This fact has been well documented in countless web pages, reviews, and articles all over the Internet so I won't go into many details. Fred Durst is a closet egomaniac; the fact that he just happened to be oafing around in the right place at the right time when the music industry went through another in a long series of bizarre, unexpected detours through inexplicable-trend-land and the spotlight fell on dudes with baggy pants, downtuned guitars, and borderline-retarded grunting in place of actual vocals has filled him with the worst kind of foolish, brash pride that has been well documented by concert promoters, radio staff, and various other industry insiders. Wes Borland is not talented; he just owns a lot of stomp boxes. I'm not a "hater"; I just have ears. Their new record, which appears to be some kind of awful attempt at making a political/social statement, debuted at #24 on the Billboard Top 200 and sold about 37,000 copies it's first week out, which subsequently slid to 12,000 copies when week two rolled around. Ouch. So much for "still raking in millions", right Chase?
Fred Durst was raised in Gastonia, North Carolina; a town about an hour from where I live. This fact fills me with shame.
by Squid Wrangler June 20, 2005

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