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2 definitions by squaw wrangler

1. A state of being that is characteristic of the morning after getting excessively drunk and partying like a rock star. Usually accompanies waking up next to a squaw and/or cha; or waking up alone at 2 in the afternoon with lo mein all over your couch, wing sauce on your sheets, and proceeding to spend the day face down in an US Weekly watching a tv series on DVD. May cause the ordering of a Dominoes pizza.
2. Also, could mean a general decline in status of coolness or random terrible behavior that will inevitably lead to a meltdown.
-Why didn't you go to work yesterday?
-Dude, I was on shamespiral.

-What's up with Jenny (on L-Word)?
-She's got a one way ticket on the shamespiral express to crazy town!
by squaw wrangler March 08, 2006
a tampon; more specifically- a "slender" "lite" or one of the less "super plus" sized tampons
Especially in public: "Hey, can i get a slim daddy from your purse? I think i just got caught unprepared by the crimson wave!"
by Squaw Wrangler April 09, 2006