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3 definitions by spydirman70

not the truth , inaccuracy , falsehood , mistake
when Obama told us that we could keep our doctor , that is barackuracy . when Obama said not even a smidgen of corruption another barackuracy .
by spydirman70 March 08, 2014
when female breasts are devided by a car seat belt ,in a way to make the breasts more defined, leaving less to the imagination .
I almost drove off the road checking out her seatbelt boobie.
by spydirman70 March 02, 2014
the ceramic granules that fall off of asphalt shingles.
I just got a mouth full of shingle berries.

When your stripping a shingle roof sometimes shingle berries get in your mouth.

when your walking on a shingle roof the shingle berries can be slippery.
by spydirman70 January 12, 2012