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3 definitions by spwrinkles

is a Hawaiian word which means forbidden. But now it is used as a No Tresspassing or Stay Out or Keep Out. As seen in the movie Lilo And Stitch.
You dork didn't you see the sign that says KAPU (KEEP OUT)
by spwrinkles March 15, 2008
92 9
in a closed toed shoe usually a high heel pump, it is the area where the big toe and the index toe meet at the foot and you can see the line (cleavage) from outside the shoe
oh man did u see that lady's toe cleavage. it's nasty cause she got's bunions all over her feet.
by Spwrinkles December 03, 2007
9 8
a MAN driving that cuts u off forcin u to use ur brakes cause he too chicken to move to the next lane.
Damn that pussy punk cut me off and now i have no brakes left. i guess he has no balls
by Spwrinkles December 06, 2007
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