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2 definitions by spunkie

Can also be known as MoMo is:

1. 9 out of 10 times right when regarding TV shows and movies

2. So tall and lanky that it takes two hours to stand up and completely unfolds and you cant see him when he stands sideways.

3. Absolutely hilarious that all the guys are jealous.

4. A total spunk rat that he is attractive to every chick in the room and at least two men.

5. Coolest guy ever, everyone strives to be like him.
chick: yo check this guys body
Momchil : damn its THE Momchils body huh
by spunkie February 14, 2011
Very very sexy lady. She's not a people person but she'll find the best and worst in everybody. A great person to trust but as far as sitting still goes she ain't one to do it.

Loveable and hilarious as they come.
I'd love to spend time with Baellee!
by Spunkie June 03, 2013