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The time period, in the Northern Hemisphere, between Winter (Dec. 21 to Mar. 20) and Summer (June 21 to Sept. 20), usually starting on the Vernal Equinox, March 21st and lasting until June 20th.
In Canada, we don't really have spring, summer and autumn, just winter and road repair season!
#winter #summer #fall #autumn #spring #equinox. seasons #indian summer
by Springbreaker August 01, 2006
Pornographic Christmas tree ornaments depicting beloved seasonal figures in sexual positions, aka SantaBalls
Oh my god, will you look at that pornament! I always suspected Mrs. Claus had a thing for Rudolph and those elves. Now we really know why Rudolph's nose is always so bright at night!
#porno-ment #porna-ment #pornoment #dirty ornaments #santaballs #santa-balls
by Springbreaker December 20, 2006

If you fly stunt kites to win competitions, you won't understand, but if you fly to give pleasure and entertain the audience, you might find AoxomoxoA

If tangled lines are an irritating frustration, you won't understand, but if you find untangling relaxing and therapeutic, you might find AoxomoxoA

If you buy rare and expensive kites and hang them on the wall, you won't understand, but if risk hand-painted washi-paper kites in the elements, you might find AoxomoxoA

If you're struggling to be the fastest buggier in the country, you won't understand, but if you dream of buggying across dry lakes in the gentle zephyrs at 2am, you might find AoxomoxoA

If you build your own kites to save money, you won't understand, but if you sew to try new ideas, you might find AoxomoxoA

If you wouldn't lend your kite to a stranger, you wouldn't understand, but if you're ready to loose or destroy anything you fly, you might find AoxomoxoA

If you enjoy buzzing noisy stunters on the beach, you wouldn't understand, but if you've found the pleasure of a simple, reliable single-line delta, you might find AoxomoxoA
Well, it ain't Nirvana, but AoxomoxoA is second best!
#peace #contentment #nirvana #bliss #happiness
by Springbreaker August 01, 2006
Lazy-ass, deal breaking bastards; settlers' remorse
I've been Winklevossed! My ex-wife broke our divorce financial settlement; she thinks i'm worth 10x as much!

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss found a skeptical audience when they tried to persuade a U.S. appeals court to let them out of a $65 million settlement over the founding of online social network Facebook. The saga of the Winklevoss twins and Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has become silver screen lore with the release of the film "The Social Network" last year.
#cameron #tyler #winklevoss #twins #olympic rowers #connectu #rosenkranz
by Springbreaker January 11, 2011
Usually, but not always a horny European, Canadian or East Coast American high school, college or university student, who travels alone or with friends - but always without parents - by car, bus, plane, train or thumb to either Daytona Beach or Panama City Beach Florida. This is done in search of any combination of sun, sex, sand and alcohol, always during spring break aka reading week, which falls between the last two weeks of February (after the Daytona 500 / President's Day) and lasts until Easter, which also including the period known as BCR - "Black College Reunion".
My buddy is such a springbreaker. Last year, he got so completely hammered on Southern Comfort during spring break, that he woke up totally naked in a hotel linen closet with his girlfriend's best friend sucking on his dick! His best friend woke up to find that his roomies had shaved ALL the hair off of his body. That was some messed up spring break!
#spring break #springbreak #reading week #easter break #daytona #pcb #ft lauderdale
by Springbreaker August 04, 2006
aka quefe - the sound of air being pushed into or out of a vagina, usually but not always during sex or fist fucking
When my girlfriend fucks herself with her whole hand, her pussy farts, and I told her that cuntfart sounds just like someone saying the word "Quefe"!
#quefe #cuntfart #cunt fart #pussyfart #pussy fart
by Springbreaker July 30, 2006
One of the new chronic diseases effecting North americans as they continue to live longer lives with less excercise.
My fatass uncle is 80 and suffers from neurodiabesity; a combination of Diabetes, Obesity and various neurological symptoms related to the other two diseases.
#neurodiabesity #diabetes #obesity #fatass #disease
by Springbreaker May 27, 2008
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